Invisible Pain
Pain is something we deal with daily. Problems arise when you don't know how to explain the pain to doctors and psychologists among other professionals. 
Mine started when I was working one night. I could not get my body to do what it needed to and doctors would fill me up with medication or not believe a word I said. Every new sensation was accompanied buy a sense of dread about the next visit to the doctor. Three years of doctors appointments and I was told everything from "you pregnant" to "you just didn't want to work." Invisible pain was to blame.
This series aims to lift the taboo of talking about our pain, to encourage us to talk about pain openly with friends and family then take it to a doctor if it's needed. Let's share our pain.

The Elhers Danlos Syndrome Series
Series dedicated to some of the hardships people with Elhers Danlos Syndrome ( EDS ) face. This condition is characterised by loose/over flexible joints, fragile and highly elastic skin, easily bruised skin, muscle pain, fragile blood vessels, Redundant or extra folds of skin and many others. 
There is six catagories for EDS recognised and each group have their own problems along with the other blanket symptoms. This condition can be life threatening so if you think you may have EDS please seek medical help to confirm.