About Me

RAW Glimpse: Natural Born Artists Sydney 2015
Creatives Uncovered Sydney 2015
Various See Me, Hear Me Exhibitions in Sydney 2015-2017
Art Expo 2016 Milan Italy 2016
International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist 2018
International Prize of NATIONS - Tribute to TIZIANO 2018
Lets be bold yes? Injury made me slow down. Slowing down made me see amazing things and how people were missing them.

Now lets speed up again. Consider my work a downloaded moment of your life. That moment you let go of your fears, that pure moment of innocent joy or even just a visual reminder to relax and see the little things. 

Infra-red is a way to catch even more that we miss on a daily basis. Unseen light can be magical in it's own way.

Sculptures by the sea, Bondi Beach, Reflection, sea, optical illusion, teigan, blackshaw